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Image of a valentine's day greeting card

Valentine’s Day Gift Suggestions

DIY Heartfelt Valentine’s Day Gifts 

With a handmade gift this Valentine’s Day, you can show your loved ones that you are willing to go the extra mile for them. Handmade gifts are a great way to impress your lover because they demonstrate both creativity and effort. It also demonstrates how well you understand the other person because you know what will please and make them happy. With us at Mathews Hyundai in Marion, OH, you can learn how to make DIY heartfelt Valentine’s Day gifts for your Valentine. 

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A steak served with vegetables

Top 3 Steakhouses in the Marion, OH Region

What are the Best Steakhouses in the Marion, OH Area?

It is nice to have a healthy diet, but it does not hurt to break the rules once in a while. Sometimes, you just have to give in to your desires, and what could be more appealing than that prime cut? That is why we at Mathews Hyundai in Marion, OH, have arrived with a list of the top three steakhouses in the region. Take a look!

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Beer Taps in a pub

What are the Top 3 Pubs in Marion, OH?

Best 3 Bar & Grills in the Marion Area in Ohio

Need a fun place to hang out with friends over a chilled beer? We have the right places for you here in the Marion area in Ohio. It is always great fun to chill out with close buddies and talk about what is going on in each others’ lives. There are quite a few places here in this area that can provide a great atmosphere for hangouts.

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A water park with great decorations

Top 3 Water Parks in Marion, OH

Are there any Water Parks to Visit in Marion, OH?

Are you not sure where to take the kids this weekend? Well, how about a water park? We at Mathews Hyundai in Marion, OH, have made a list of the best water parks in the area. Give this article a quick read, and you can decide for yourself which one to visit first. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Reed Road Water Park

If you are looking to have some quality family time, then Reed Road Water Park is the place you should visit. They have an amazing pool, and the staff is very friendly. There are also two large water slides in the pool, so you can just imagine the fun competition if you have two kids!


2000 Hastings Ln

Underwater animals swimming

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Highlands Park Aquatic Center

Next, we take you to the Highlands Park Aquatic Center. This place has an amazing pool and water slides. The best part of the park is that it is very clean, and there are plenty of lifeguards in the area. Therefore, you can relax a bit and let your kid have some fun!


245 S Spring Rd

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A walkway in a park

Hiawatha Water Park

Last but not least, we have arrived at Hiawatha Water Park. If your child is interested in taking swimming lessons, then you can bring the little one here. The place also has water slides and well-trained lifeguards.


100 Sychar Rd

There you go, folks! We hope that this blog post has been quite helpful to you. In case you are in the Marion, OH area, then do swing by our dealership. We will love to take you on a ride in one of the amazing vehicles from our inventory!